Coatings for use ink

1, the characteristics of ink coating
The company's products use a single component is a special coating, ink devoted to the late film coating technology. Photo ink technology can be read by any pattern of the coating surface treatment in a variety of exterior surface of the end results. Very suitable ceramics, glass, aluminum, the surface coating of metal and other items. The product is the pattern lines clear, penetration, the proliferation of small, high-temperature not yellowed and many other advantages, higher capital-to ensure color, excellent weatherability, strong adhesion, flexibility, impact resistance, hardness, wear resistance and excellent chemical resistance personality, and the construction is simple and convenient, easily pegged flow, such as foaming from the disease. Produced by coating can be sprayed directly on any resistance to high temperature (200 degrees) materials, lower production costs significantly Long, Jimmy procedures for the production of simple convenience, not passive losers and geographical factors such as materials restrictions and truly personalized ink technology application. Increase the variety of products in a willy -
2, product applications
Cup, plate, porcelain, metal plates and other ceramic cup, glass, porcelain plates, and other thermostable products, the need for surface roughness and smoothness.
3、Use patterns and usage
The products may spraying, coating, crushed James, Brush and other methods of construction. Lean Construction materials : benzene, esters, alcohols, ethers and other rare materials mixed solvents. Viscosity : construction technology requirements may be adjusted by adding an appropriate amount of rare material. If immersed in a beaker 2 coatings generally adding 1.1-1.4 xylene or toluene or 100 copies of 'rare and 0.72% respectively against the use of solvent oil.
1, surface treatment prior to treatment : thorough cleaning.
2, which will deal with special surface moisture primary solution, after completely painted out.
3, which placed 5-8 in the dust counter minutes.
4, curing conditions : (210+10) ℃ /10-15min.
Attention: Stir well before use to be used Studies on Lid closure will be good.
The flammable products of dangerous goods, from pyrotechnics Store in cool dry place kept under seal.
1、are advised ventilation kept in a cool, dry, clean room, away from the source of fire, heat and avoid direct sunlight.
2, the storage period of six months, can still be used after passing over inspection
5, harmless products :
The company's production of the ink coating international environmental certification, is harmless to human body without side effects.