Heat transfer machine

Main Technical Data

Type: DBX -17 00
Rated voltage: 3-Phase A/C
Rated power: heating body: 12kw, power system:0.55kw
Heating method: heat transfer by oil
Belt size: 1.75m(w)×2.48m(Perimeter )
Equipment net size: 2.26m(L)×0.7m(W)×1.35m(H)
Net weight: Approx.635kg
Noise level: 30dB
Note: The above data shall be based on actual equipment and please forgive us for not informing separately in case of any amendments.
After unpacking the package, please check whether the screws at various locations of the equipment are loosened during the transportation, if so, please tighten the screws.
The net weight of DBX-1700 type digital printing equipment is about 635kgs and the equipment shall be installed on flat surface with enough loading bearing capacity;
The equipment shall be operated in ventilated and dry environment with no corrosive gases; it is not allowed to place explosive and inflammable objects around the equipment;
Warning: the equipment shall have excellent earthing connection prior to operation to avoid electric shock;
Connect the power lines with corresponding diameters as per the rated power; use the standard 82 copper core cables or electric cables;
Wiring diagram as following:
Performance Sketch
Heating tube – provide heating energy for transfer printing;
Used for paper loading at the time of lower material input; or used as platform interface at the time of upper material input;
Working platform – carrier of transfer paper and material
Paper loader – for loading transfer paper
Fabric loader – for loading roll type or long fabric;
Hand wheel of detached device – the belt may be detached or reset while in rotation.

Control Panel Instruction

VFC(Variable Frequency Control) panel
temperature control--- TO control and adjustthe temperature
VFC(Variable frequency control panel—to adjust and operate the mainframe's speed and direction
overall power buttonopen or shut off the power
warm up buttonto open or shut off the heater's power
transducer starting button
to start or stop the transducer
rolling fabric's timing button
.to adjust the rolling fabrics speed
changing direction button
to change the roller's direction

[the operation of VFC controller refers to the operation manual of VFC controller]
Operation Method
After confirming the good earthing and correct power wiring of the system, set the breaker inside the case at on position, then press the button for “general power”, then press the “VFC Run” key on the VFC panel and adjust the frequency to the suitable position;
Press “heating” key to set the required temperature; which shall be decided according to different fabrics of the customer. We propose that the user shall make trial use by small size fabric and transfer paper when reaching the specified temperature and make corresponding adjustment in case of over high or over low temperature to ensure the quality of final product;

Put the fabrics and transfer paper on the fabric holder and paper holder on the working table; when the temperature reaches the level for transfer printing, put the fabrics on the table and lower down the press roller and let the fabrics enter the roller. Note: the side of the transfer paper with ink shall face the fabrics and shall be placed over the fabrics;
During the transfer printing process, the user may adjust the temperature in accordance with the color of the printed pattern, or adjust the temperature by controlling the speed of the tube.
Upon completion of the printing work, press “cooling down” key and turn the hand wheel to remove the belt from roller; and the heating is stopped, when the temperature decreases to 80℃, the equipment will be automatically stopped.
The deviation of belt in the left or right direction is normal due to the impact from uneven floor; so adjusting hole for belt deviation is provided at the back of the machine, which will tighten the belt at the right end if the belt deviates to the right direction; whereas to loosen the belt. The specific procedures are as following:
Insert the provided special hexagon spanner into the end of the adjusting pole of the adjusting hole below the right part and turn it. Please be noted that the clockwise turning is for loosening and the anti-clockwise turning is for tightening; the adjustment of the belt may not be finished within short time, so patience is necessary;
As the equipment is heating machinery, there may be certain noises from the roller, heating b body or big/small bearings during the operation process, which is the normal phenomenon and you may not worry about it;
The control circuit plate and the transducer inside the machine case shall be kept clean regularly with no dust or any other metal products fallen inside. Please do not open the protection cover to avoid electric shock;
The heating body, speed reducer and heat transfer oil etc of our company shall be used for any replacement and please do not replace or rectify the equipment without our permission.
The external surfaces of heating tube are specially treated and do not use the corrosive liquid to clean it or put hard object inside to scratch the surfaces.
Maintenance and Troubleshooting


Temperature fails to rise
Insufficient voltage or the diameter of incoming lines over small
Increase the voltage or change with big diameter lines
Phase loss; incoming lines or main cables disconnected or loosened
Check the electric lines
One or more heating tubes damaged or wiring terminals loosened ⑤ Replace the heating tube
Heating body aging ( this fault is impossible for new machine) Replace the heating tube
Temperature out of control Solid state relay breakdown ① Replace
② Temperature control gauge damaged ③
Tube fails to rotate ①
Belt too loose ① Tighten the belt
② Chain wheel in slippery ②
Tighten the screws
③ Bearing blocked ③ Replace the bearing
④ Transducer in failure ④ Replace
⑤ Motor or speed reducer in failure ⑤