Sublimation printer Mutoh VJ1624

Sublimation printer Mutoh VJ1624

Model No.︰MUTOH VJ1624

Brand Name︰DBX-1

Country of Origin︰Japan

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Mutoh VJ1624 printer machine for sublimation
1. inside heating
2. Paper winder
3. can adjust the head high         

Mutoh VJ1624 printer machine for sublimation

Model: VJ-1624

Technology: Seventh generation printer head

Color: 4 cartridge, C,M,Y,K

Size: 1625mm

Printing size: 1615mm

Preheat before printing(30-50 degree),add heat when printing, dry after finish printing.

Printing language: MH-RTL(RTL-PASS)

Printing mode:Quality1-4 / Graphics1-4 / Banner1-4 / Custom1 -17

Printing precision:Quality1-4 1440x1440dpi / 720x1440dpi

Graphics1-4 720x720dpi

Banner1-4 720x720dpi / 360x720dpi

Custom1-17 1440x1440dpi

Memory capacity:256M

Frequency:50 Hz / 60Hz±1Hz

Working environmental:20°C-32°C

Size: W 2698mm×D 886mm×H 1262mm

Weight: 160Kg

The speed is 27 square meter per hour, and the highest speed is 55 square meter per hour

Payment Terms︰ Western Union / T/T

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