CISS for Epson1410

CISS for Epson1410

Model No.︰Epson,moutoh

Brand Name︰DBX

Country of Origin︰Korea

Unit Price︰US $ 20 / pc

Minimum Order︰3 pc

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Product Description

We can supply all the sublimation CISS for your printers.

Sublimation ink can be used directly to print on the materials such as polyester, PP, PET, etc. Some solid materials such as glass,porcelain,carpentry,metal etc. also can be transfered. These which are impossible to do digital printing can be printed by a special coating paper to transfer on materials. These material surface on the picture is brightness and perfect. The transfered products can be
smudge,water and oxidation resistant. Its light fastness level reaches the highest one: 5--7. It can keep no fading for more than ten years indoor and least one year outdoor. It can be used on all Epson printer for four and eight colors. It can be also used for Roland,Mimaki,Mutoh etc and other inkjet printer and digital texitle printer.

We can provide all small type inkjet printer cartridges and continual supply system. Small order for export is welcome.

If you need more information,please do not hesitate to contact us.

Payment Terms︰ Western Union/T/T